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Protein bar, that is. ūüôā


Let me preface this by saying I usually do not eat store-bought¬†bars. Of course, I stay away from them for the obvious reasons…they are usually full of processed junk, they can be a trigger food,¬†etc, but my main reason is that you just don’t get much bang fo’ your buck.


Not all bars fall under this category. I can have a Larabar and usually be perfectly satisfied. However, when I eat a bar covered in chocolate (think Zone) I am usually 1. ravenous shortly afterwards and 2. looking for the nearest piece of chocolate.


I would always remind my clients that a bar (well, a select few) are great in a pinch and most of the time will be better than that Big Mac. One possible exception: The Big 100 Colossal bar. Have you guys seen this whopper??


The Big 100 Colossal¬†has around 410 calories PER bar, with HFCS listed as one of the first ingredients. I once watched a guy at the gym eat this bar as his ‘pre-workout snack.’ He then did 20 minutes of cardio, and proceeded to make himself a ‘post-workout shake‘ –¬†about 500 calories worth. I’m still laughing about it now.




Today I was super hungry and must have been smoking crack¬†in a daze when I packed up my food for the day, because I barely brought anything. I don’t even know me anymore.¬†




I grabbed this bar. I’ve had it once before. I didn’t really like it then either.













My choices didn’t range from much. It was basically¬†pork rinds, Milky Ways, or this Fullbar. I chose the least vomit-inducing option before I gnawed off my fingers one by one.




Let the record show that I only ate about a 1/3 of this bar. And it certainly was not because it made me ‘full.’ Pun intended.




I completely lost my appetite as I read the back of the package. It shows the ‘Fullbar system,’ and how one can lose weight by choosing this bar. Ok, not much different than most weight-loss gimmicks, but what is the gag-inducing¬†Fullbar system?














1. Eat a Fullbar with an 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes before your meal.

2. Then eat less and be completely satisfied!




Exclamation points and all. Like, ‘WOW! You have to try this! Eat less! The Fullbar is magic!’




Sooo…let me get this straight. If I, Jessica, eat this 170 calorie processed, rectangular, hard-as-a-rock slice of garbage before I eat my fruits and veggies, I will eat less of my fruits and veggies?¬†And therefore lose weight?¬†And this is healthy?




Just one more time for clarification – I will eat less of my nutrient-dense, multi-flavorful lunch and dinner, and in it’s place eat this modified, nutrient-lacking sliver of cardboard?




Most of us know that this is not ‘healthy.’ Those of us¬†that are educated in properly fueling the body would rarely grab this bar (like I did), unless they were in a pinch (like I was) for it’s intended purpose: to eat before a meal we eat less at the meal.¬†




But what about everyone else? The large population that does not know how to properly fuel themselves? Those that will eat this bar and then continue to eat the same amount at the next meal, either because they are emotionally eating or simply, just plain hungry?




Granted this bar IS all natural and there are worse choices out there. But the guidelines state to eat this bar before a meal.


Not ‘hey, pick me up in a pinch because I’m better than those chicken gorditas from Taco Bell.’


Or, ‘if you are stranded on a dessert island and your only option is Cold Stone Creamery, eat me!’ (ha – as if! If I was stranded on an island, which would imply I was about to die, I would eat as much Cold Stone as I could get my hands on. )



Even, ‘I know you are craving that huge slice of 3400 calorie cheesecake today, but save it for Saturday and eat me now instead.’




Nope. Nada. Instead it says ‘eat me 30 minutes before a meal, and eat less later.’


Is everyone eating a vast array of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, grains and proteins for their meals? Of course not. Americans are said to average restaurant dinners 4-5 times per week. With the indulgence of a high-calorie meal quite often, what benefits does eating the Fullbar before a meal truly give?

  • It does not teach portion control.
  • It does not show us how delicious and exciting a healthy diet can be by choosing from an endless assortment of produce, lean proteins and grains.
  • It does not exemplify a realistic lifestyle change.




I have to say I was most disappointed because this bar is fairly new to the market. The bar’s ingredients are not terrible, yet the bar is marketed in an unrealistic, decieving way. I thought we were becoming more educated on eating whole, unprocessed foods and surpassing the Slim Fast days?¬†



What are your feelings on bars?



I try not to rely on them. I occasionally enjoy them when I’m traveling, am in a pinch and very hungry, am stuck in a place where eating a meal isn’t possible or when I’m craving something sweet and that is my only option. My first choice is always to make my own.¬†




Have you tried a Fullbar? What are your thoughts?

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