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That is what I am doing just thinking about these amazing cookie bars.


This is another recipe off of Picky Palate and I really think that Jenny may be a genius. I must admit that I did not follow her suggestion of preparing the cookie doughs ahead of time and just made them right before. Big mistake. I kicked a few cabinets and sweat for a few hours as I washed my mixing bowl 3 times, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Promise.



These are absolutely amazing. Huge understatment.




She recommends used store bought sugar cookie dough.









I wanted to make my own, but thank goodness I didn’t because these took a looooooooong time to make. But make sure you set the cookie dough out ahead of time, or else it is impossible to play with.




These may be a couple of finger marks – made out of frustration.













First up is the double chocolate-chip layer. WOW is this RICH.




























She recommends only making half of the recipe, but I made the entire thing. I figured I could fill up the cookie jar, which is already empty again. This morning, my husband asked me ‘who ate all the cookies?’



Like I really have a good answer for that. We live alone. No pets. No kids. Just turkeys and framed wrestlers. How embarrassing.


 ‘Ummmm, I may have eaten a few cookies…’



That’s also quite the understatement. It’s not even funny.




This is just one tiny corner of my kitchen after the first cookie dough was made.









 Talk about a mess.





Here is what the first layer of cookie dough looked like. 











And then the second – double chocolate chip – over the sugar cookie dough.













It was hard to get a clear picture of the dough because it was THAT dark.










 Doesn’t it almost look like ice cream??







The next layer was peanut butter cookies – and I was rebellious and used natural peanut butter.






















More specifically I used Naturally More, which has flaxseeds in it. I thought it would add a nice crunch, and it really did.







The last batch was good ol’ chocolate chip dough.





















My mom would kill me if she saw that imitation vanilla. She always uses the good stuff. Mother Lovett actually used the imitation.


There is a reason I use the imitation.



One time my husband saw me add vanilla to a french toast mixture. He makes french toast using whole wheat english muffins and egg whites (very yummy). He makes this almost every morning. We once went through a bottle of vanilla in 3 days. He said he had to been adding it to his egg whites.



I caught him making it one time and watched him pour $2.00 worth of vanilla into the mix.


He doesn’t get it.





This looks like a wave of cookie dough crashing over the shore.













And here is my leftover dough – which was promptly used. 
















 And consumed.








Four layer cookie bars. Wow.

















Still drooling.





Melt a bit of chocolate on top and you’re ready to go.















Check over here for the recipe, because it is very long and I’m too hungry to type. 

I don’t have any more words.






Oh yeah, except that the cookie jar WAS full.























I have proof. That’s even more embarrassing.

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One day, my husband whined ‘can’t you make any healthy cookies?’ with a very pouty look on his face. So cute and so pouty that I had to try and come up with something.


I love peanut butter cookies, and he loves chocolate chip, so I combined them into one, made with whole wheat flour.



Now I DO use regular sugar, as I do not really believe in using such an enormous amount of a sugar substitute.



A cookie is a cookie is a cookie, and either way, we shouldn’t be consuming 10 of them at once, whether it be made with real or ‘fake’ sugar. Right?



I apparently never remember that, and also like to think ‘the more, the merrier’ applies to food.







I start with 100% whole wheat flour, which does add a nice, nutty taste.

















This is our favorite peanut butter by far, and you must try it. 









It gives an additional ‘crunch’ to the cookies because it had flaxseeds in it.







Ahh, more texture. 











I rescued this 1/2 cup then proceeded to eat the entire jar with my fingers.






The more, the merrier!






Don’t ya’ll just love packed brown sugar lumps?













This mixture is sugar, butter, and peanut butter. 











 It just cries out, ‘eat me!’







I add some dark chocolate chippers.













And scoop out tiny lumps with my hands. 











Yes, my hands are clean. Weirdo.






My husband loves these, while I prefer my cookies to be a bit more….chewy.










I wouldn’t consider these dry, but I don’t think they can be classified as soft. What do we call them, then?





A confession: I’m still opening the oven door mid-bake. Still.




I have no patience. .





It’s just so exciting!






 A plate o’ goodies.










 These will disappear in about 4.7 seconds.


















Is that a word? I thought it was, but when I typed it, it didn’t look correct. Someone please alert me if it isn’t. And please find a better word to describe these cookies. You can be my own personal thesaurus.






Let me know if you like. 🙂






Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


1 1/4 cups 100% whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/8 teaspoon salt

1 stick butter

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup natural peanut butter

1 cup chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


Beat butter, peanut butter, and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla, mixing until combined.


Add in the dry ingredients and mix on lowest speed. Fold in chocolate chips.


Place spoonfuls of dough on cookie sheet at bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. 



Let cool before eating. Or not.

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 This cake is delicious!


I found this recipe on one of my favorite food websites, Picky Palate.  She has wonderful, unique recipes and amazing photography to go along. My mouth usually waters at EVERY recipe she posts, even if it is something I dislike.



This is a layered Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup chocolate cake. Can it get any more decadent than that?


I made it for my hubby’s birthday this past weekend. I thought people would enjoy it, but in all honesty, they were floored.


Well, except for my hub, who looked at me like I was crazy when I was making it. I mean, don’t I know that on any given day he would rather eat plain chicken breasts and grilled steak? Why on earth would I make a cake on his BIRTHDAY??


This is when I promptly kicked him out of my our kitchen and told him to go run a few miles. He would be ingesting 4000 calories worth of cake, after all.


You NEED to make this! Today!



I made a few adjustments to the posted recipe. First off, I wanted to make my own cake from scratch. Not to be a humongous snob, but I really do not like to make desserts from a box. First, I ENJOY the process of making one from scratch, and second, I think they usually taste better and I know what to expect.


Well, that idea was shot after I spent the morning throwing my money away on new house decor. My husband wants pictures of animals. I want a serene lake scene, or something with water.


So I bought a canvas flower painting. That is a compromise, right?


I thought so, too. Happy birthday to him.



I luckily had a box of Devil’s Food cake mix in my makeshift pantry, amongst other items. I swear, it looks like we are ready for Y2K. I don’t like to run out of anything.



The ingredients in the bowl: cake mix, eggs, sour cream (yes!), chocolate pudding mix (I used chocolate fudge), canola oil, chocolate chips, and buttermilk (this was my substitution for water).










Imagine my dismay when I got home and my mixing bowl and whisk were in the dishwasher, being WASHED. My hub had just turned in on about 10 minutes before I got home. This instantly made me panic, as I was already late and very rushed, and still had more to cook. How dare he be so perfect and load and start the dishwasher! Why????!




Anyway, all went well as I just threw the stuff in this bright yellow bowl that came from his bachelor collection. Don’t worry, this has been washed.  












I got out my hand mixer and went to town.










The batter, as she says, is VERY thick. I had approximately 14 spoonfuls.





Used 2 9-inch cake pans, sprayed with my baking Pam, and threw in the oven.











Now comes the frosting, which is out of this world.



Can someone stop at the store for me? Because I think we need some cream cheese. 













We buy in bulk. I’m going to have to also start buying my clothes in the ‘bulk’ size.




This frosting is super healthy for you. 













It is butter, cream cheese, and sugar – 3 of my favorite food groups.  You know, the heart healthy ones?





After the cakes cooled, I did stick them in the fridge for an hour or so. Then I cut them in half.









In all honestly, I am terrible at doing that. I only have small knives. But I DO have this lovely cake stand from Tiffany’s. It was a wedding gift – one of my favorites.





Melted peanut butter : 









And I will admit I did use Jif. I went out and bought a jar specifically for this reason. I was afraid of what the oil of natural peanut butter would do to the cake layers. To eat, I prefer natural over Jif, so I will keep the remaining jar to make another heart-attack-on-a-plate.




Here is the assembled cake, with a lay of peanut butter and frosting inside each layer.










It looks pretty enough to serve like this!




But I had sooo much frosting, I had to throw some more on before I ate it.











Chopped up a bag and another 1/4 bag of miniature Reese’s. Come on – you know what happened to the other 3/4 bag.









I’ll give you a hint – it’s not in the freezer.





Here is the finished product, and yes it is leaning to one side.









How embarrassing.






Can you see how creamy that frosting is??













How about now?
















I had so much left, and I hate to waste food.









So I saved it, and have been using it as a topping for all of my meals this week. Oatmeal. Yogurt. Ice Cream. Lobster Mac. Filet.



Don’t worry, it’s almost gone.




 Here is a slice from the party. Not sure who was eating this piece.










Probably me.



Probably not my hub since he was too busy ingesting meat.




I’m just kidding – he did have a piece, and he enjoyed it.









My dad on the other hand, thought it was so sweet that it made him dizzy. He enjoyed it, though – after the dizziness.




I usually don’t eat the items that I bake. I have a bite or so, but it is the baking process I enjoy the most. I, also am not (GASP!) a big fan of cake. Love cheesecake. Not cakey cake.




This was a major exception.









I can’t count the number of pieces I’ve had. I’m thinking of making this again this weekend for a friend’s birthday and surprising her with it.




So make this for your hub, boyfriend, brother, father, pet, and I promise you they will LOVE it. After they finish their chicken, of course. 🙂



And if you’re looking for the recipe, take a gander over HERE.

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