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Check out this loaded steak salad we had for din-din tonight!


Ok, let’s get real – we all know that I didn’t eat this salad because it is chock full of my frenemie, vegetables. You will be happy to know that I did create a ‘vegetable crisp’ today that I will be posting sometime this week. I only had a few bites and it tasted great, but let’s hope that the veggies can fully redeem themselves and I will gobble it up all week.


Just in case I gag on it at lunch, I am defrosting some of my leftover veggie soup for the week. I can’t wait – those are some veggies that I love!




Leafy greens.













We love this dressing. Mainly because it tastes like Caesar, but only has 6 grams of fat per serving. That’s alot less than the usual 20-25 grams of fat per restaurant Caesar!















I usually do not use salad dressings because I really am not a fan. I have never found one I love and I definitely don’t like the normal ranch, italian or french. My favorite is red wine vinegar or white pear vinegar – it is to die for. I love the tartness of vinegar on salad. Well, my salads usually just consist of greens. So I guess I love vinegar and greens. About 4 bites. Then I’m done.








I do enjoy this dressing. Occasionally I will make homemade croutons with whole wheat tuscany bread, and coupled with this dressing it is incredible. Tastes just like a fancy restaurant Caesar salad.













Before adding anything to the salad (in my case – french fries, cheese, croutons, and bacon…), I toss the greens in the dressing to fully coat them.














Grilled steak.











Sometimes I don’t feel like a newlywed. What newlywed eats lobster mac and steak during the week? Priorities.







The toppings.














Gorgonzola and feta.















Tomatoes and a bed of sauteed onions.














Carrots and parmesan roasted baby yukon golds.














Steak. It’s what’s for dinner.













The whole shebang.











It was thoroughly enjoyed by my husband. Especially since he was deep in the throes of a vicious hangover. As I tweeted, I figured he would be a toilet hugger all night long. His best friend from college was visiting and they had quite the issue with the sweet tea vodka. (Ever had that? It’s delish!) He rarely drinks like that so it was pretty amusing for me. I shot about 5-6 videos of him last night that I still can’t stop laughing about right now.




Loaded Steak Salad

2 cups leafy greens

1/2 sweet onion, sauteed

1/4 tomato, chopped

6 baby carrots, chopped

3 baby yukon gold potatoes, sliced and roasted with parmesan

2-3 tablespoons dressing

1/2 oz gorgonzola cheese, crumbled

1/2 oz feta cheese, crumbled

6 oz steak (or protein of your choice)



Combine all ingredients in one dish and devour.




My dinner.









What a role model. Follow me on Twitter if you’d like to see more of my dinners. 






In bloggin’ news, I’m going to post a bit more often (think 1-2 times per week) on fitness topics (btw – check out my fave fitness tips), in addition to my butter-laden, Paula Deen-style recipes and Mother Lovett stories. I also may throw in a bit more of my daily eats some days since they seem in such high demand. 😉



In life news, do you do what you love? What is your passion? Is the economy holding you back? Does your family support your passion and/or your career? Is it more important to be happy and love what you do, or to bring home the bacon and live a certain lifestyle? Is your passion something you are over and under qualified for? What do you do when those closest to you don’t support your dreams?


What is more important? Fulfilling your dreams, even if it is something as simple as working at the mall? Or working in a career that you may be ‘qualified’ for just because that’s what others think you should do? 




This is 20 questions baby! See ya’ll Monday. 🙂

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Home Alone.

Usually when my husband travels I really have my act together. House is spotless, meals are prepared, workouts are done, relaxing ensues…



Ok, besides that fact that I sleep on the couch because it is easier to escape an intruder than if I had to jump out of my 2-story bedroom window. Aside from that, I’ve got it all together.


This week was quite different. As I tweeted my life away, I was a complete wreck. Dishes left in the sink and all over the place. Clothes thrown everywhere. Toilet paper and paper towel racks lacking said paper. No cooking. Scraping leftover oreo crust from a baking dish for dinner. Dragging myself out of bed. Leaving green monsters stewing in my warm bedroom. Talk about being in a funk.




I’ve been brainstorming ways to feel more secure. My brother comes to stay with me, but I don’t feel like waiting on him hand and foot while he mooches homemade dinners off of me interrupting his life.




Of course, I thought that a security system may help me feel more secure. Then decided we didn’t need the expense. I’d rather buy shoes. And lobster.





Perhaps a dog? I begged for one for 5 minutes, then remembered we are never home. And that we have a new house with new carpeting. And then decided I’d rather get a dog when I have 4 rugrats who won’t can take of the dog like my siblings and I never did.






Yesterday I had an ‘aha!’ moment. A motion detector! Then I’d really feel safe around here. And when the motion detector came on every 5 minutes because there are deer in the yard? Oh. Hmmm..ok. Not so much.





I think I’ve figured it out.





I need my own personal security guard at the house. Perfect. Just a few days a month. Not a huge expense. Kind of like a rent-a-cop at the mall. But I want a cute one. Boy, those rent-a-cops are harrassed, aren’t they?? 





And along with my security guard, I’d like 3 half-dressed figures, preferably resembling George Clooney, Mario Lopez and David Beckham, to fan me and feed me grapes while I lie on a fluffy, cashmere, velvet bed shopping online for shoes. I would feel SO secure. Not only would I have my own rent-a-cop, but I’d have 3 beefcakes to stare at keep me safe.




Oh, and I’ll make sure to keep the house looking like it does below, because who wants to scour through a mess when you are trying to burglarize a house???














(in the corner would be a box for my new crackberry that I got…2 weeks ago)














(all of those veggies I bought to cook for the week….sure did go to good use)














(please don’t notice residual oreo crumbs from said oreo crust dinner)













(don’t even ask what is on that plate. I don’t remember what I ate last Monday)









(at least oreo baking dish is not available for dinner anymore)







(my floor. enough said.)


























(4 weeks worth of laundry)

















Not thoroughly disgusted with me yet? Head on over to Julie’s blog to find out what my fitness secrets are. 

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Blog Bootcamp.

Good Morning!! How is everybody’s Wednesday so far?


Thanks to everyone who is following me on Twitter! If you haven’t started following yet, please join in while I tweet my life away. I still don’t know how to tweet from my crackberry. Oh well, this is probably a good thing. 




When I came home last night I found this in my bedroom.










A glass with the remnants of a green monster from 6:30 yesterday morning. As I tweeted last night, it looked and smelled like swampland. It was almost as great as the half-full green blender still sitting on the counter.







And then we have this.









The remnants of the Oreo Dessert. Beware…this is what happens when your husband is out of town, it is garbage night, and this must be throw away before you gain 15 more lbs. And if you can’t make out that picture, it would be the dessert FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN so the crust could be eaten. By who? I have no idea.










In order to make myself feel better for devouring the dessert Since they were such a hit last week, I figured I’d post a few more workouts that I’ve done in the past. These 2 are from when I ran a women’s outdoor bootcamp last summer. Both of these are very fun (and more motivating) with a partner. Try it at your own risk.




Both workouts require that you be warmed up before beginning. I usually had my clients do a dynamic warm-up. Make sure you take a light couple-minute jog, stretch a bit, or warm-up on a cardio machine if you have one at home or at the gym.



Why-on-earth-did-I-get-out-of-bed-for-this Bootcamp

12 Stations – each station is performed for 1 minute. Use either dumbbells or resistance bands.

After 3 stations are finished, perform the following cardio interval before moving to the next 3 stations: 

40 jumping jacks

10 squat jumps

10 burpees

40 jumping jacks


Stations: 60 seconds each

Walking lunges


Triceps dips

Plie’ squats

Overhead shoulder presses

Overhead triceps extension

Step ups

Side lateral raises

Bicep curls

Wall sit

Bent over row

Plank hold


Take a 5-10 minute walk to cool down.




I-can’t-walk-up-the-steps-or-sit-on-the-toilet-properly Bootcamp

w/ an Upper Body Focus

Perform 2 sets:

25 push-ups

15 seated high-grip rows

15 resistance band chest presses

15 resistance band biceps curls

cardio: 15 jumping jacks, 15 split jump lunges, 60 second high knees, 15 split jump lunges, 15 jumping jacks


Perform 2 sets:

24 (12 each) staggered-arm push-ups

15 reverse grip lat pulldowns

15 resistance band chest flyes

cardio: 15 squat jumps, 10 side shuffles (each way), 60 seconds jumping jacks, 10 side shuffles, 15 squat jumps


Perform 2 sets:

25 close-grip pushups (thumbs touching)

15 rear delt flyes

15 triceps dips

15 resistance band biceps curls

cardio: 20 plie squats, 10 bear crawls forward, 10 burpees, 10 bear crawls back, 20 plie squats


Again, make sure you cool down afterwards. Pay attention to your body and if at anytime you feel sick, light-headed, etc, STOP. What good is a workout going to be if you aren’t alive? Pay close attention to how you feel.


Alot of these workouts tend to have the same exercises in them. I did that for a couple reasons.

1. Most workouts I ever gave my clients were ones that could be done at home with minimal equipment. I am not a fan of using machines and prefer to use dumbbells, bands and bodyweight.

2. I believe that alot of these exercises give you more bang for your buck (can we say…lunges and squats?). You would never find me in the gym training a client doing some kinda of goofy exercise, or a minimal exercise (say, single arm triceps kickbacks) during a session. Clients come to get a kick-butt workout, and that is what I gave ’em!


And please remember, all of my client’s were under strict supervision while performing these workouts. Form was ALWAYS corrected.



Again, I still believe that each person should find what works for them. As I’ve told some of you who have asked me for workouts, I do not believe in only ONE way of training. I believe there are many different successful ways of doing it. On days I would train 15-20 clients, I may have 15 different workouts. Some are lifting heavy, some are doing functional training, and some are doing rehab. My goal was to be able to successfully train anyone – strong or weak, overweight or struggling with an ED, football players and elderly…you get the picture. I believe a great trainer can adapt to train anyone.




I’ll be back later with a recipe for rolls.


And NO, not the kind of rolls above my jeans.

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 Happy Monday! 🙂


Well, not a very happy Monday for me because it started off with a dentist appointment. I usually do not mind going because there are many things in life worse than the dentist. However, today I was told I have about 8 zillion cavities and will be spending the next few Friday’s in the dentist chair. Hip hip horray.




Thank you all so much for the well wishes on our first anniversary. 🙂 We spent the day in Cleveland and I was all ready to snap pictures, but my camera decided otherwise. It gave me some goofy ‘lens error’ message – but of course was working again by the time we go home. I saw sooo many beautiful Fall scenes that I wanted to snap.




Something occured over the weekend that had us all in giggles and remembering Mother Lovett. For as long as I can remember, Mother Lovett pronounced about 85% of her words incorrectly and used other phrases that we never heard. I think it is common as we get older, but her’s were always quite humorous.


Some favorites:

ML: ‘I found a coupon in the paper for Louie’s. I’d like to go get some pots for the flowers.’

Us: ‘Louie’s? What is Louie’s? Where is Louie’s?’

ML: (getting frustrated) ‘You know – LOUIE’S. The construction place!’

Us: ‘There is no construction place called Louie’s. What on earth are you talking about?’

ML: ‘YES THERE IS!! It is blue and white and we get flower pots there.’

Us: (after a few moments of contemplation) ‘Oh…you mean Lowe’s? LOWES.’

ML: ‘No! Louie’s! Look it is right here in the paper.’


She definitely meant Lowe’s. She was legally blind. The w appeared as a ‘u’ and ‘i’ to her. Hmmm.




Us: ‘Grandma, can we get you anthing at the store?

ML: ‘Oh yes, please get me some of that torillo soup.’

Us: ‘You mean tortilla soup?’

ML: ”Yes – torillo soup.’





Baking cookies:

ML: ‘Hand me the lifter.’

Me: ‘The lifter? What is the lifter?’

ML: ‘The lifter! To get the cookies off the pan.’

Me: ‘Oh…the spatula??’

ML: ‘Yes! The lifter!’



These are just a few of the moments that we were remembering in the car ride that had us howling. Maybe you had to be there.


Kind of like the time you probably had to be there when my 9 year old brothers thought it was hilarious to yell out obscenities and bodily parts since she was extremely hard of hearing.


The boys: (randomly) ‘Vagisil!’

ML: ‘What fell??’




Oh, these were the days. Luckily for us, we experienced a similar day in the car on Friday. I was a bit busy playing on my crackberry since I develop a tick when I’m not connected to the entire world.



My mother: ‘Jess, we had the best lunch at Miss Martha’s. It was so good. And afterwards we had dessert and Susie orded a tai chi. It wasn’t very good though.’

Me: (half-listening, obsessed with crackberry) ‘Oh that’s a shame.’

My mother: ‘Yeah, and it really just didn’t taste good. We have all had tai chi there before, but this definitely wasn’t tai chi.’

Me: (still losing brain cells) ‘Hmmm, I wonder why..?’

My mother: ‘It just tasted weird, we always get tai chi there. Have you ever had one? You have -‘

Me: (alert, cutting in) ‘WAIT. WHAT are you saying? Tai chi?? Do you mean CHAI TEA???

My mother: ‘Yes, tai chi.’

Me: ‘MOM. OHMIGOD. It is CHAI TEA. Tai chi is a form of martial arts.’

My mother: ‘Oh. I guess you’re right. I meant chai tea.’

Me: ‘Ohmigod, you are your mother.’



At dinner:

My mother: ‘Can we go to Nordstrom Shelf tomorrow?’

Us: ‘Ummm….MOM, it’s Nordstrom RACK.’




So happy that Mother Lovett can live on throughout my own mother. Now if that starts happening to me, please have me committed.





I bought some of this yesterday.









Which obviously now has to be locked in a safe, since I have 45 cavities and from here on out will never eat sugar again.




Yeah, right. Bring on the veneers.






I bought some of this, too.











Going to try out some of the recipe suggestions and eat more veggies this week. My husband is out of town.



Sometimes I go a little overboard.







And bought this $459 bottle of balsamic vinegar.















Actually it was only $24. But in balsamic vinegar dollars, that equals $459.





Have a wonderful start to the week. 🙂




I’ll be back later with some goodies. In the meantime, I’m going to eat 5lbs of goodies before I get my new fillings.

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The First Year.

Last weekend, my hubby and I went to a very non-traditional wedding. It was outdoors (talk about freezing!), where the bride and groom were married by a professional actor and the music came from a boom box.


I took away so much from this day – that it isn’t about having a traditional cake (they had cupcakes) or about wearing the most glamourous dress. These 2 people were SO in love. And while I already knew that the above doesn’t make for a happy marriage, it was so refreshing to see a couple so in love that they barely were aware of their surroundings.


The food was INCREDIBLE. Hands down – the best wedding food I have ever eaten. The main course was butternut squash ravioli and bone-in lightly fried chicken breast. Ohmigosh, I can taste it now. Incredible. The cake, or ‘cupcakes’ were amazing as well – so amazing that before the reception even started my husband grabbed one and confidently walked across the room shoving it in his mouth.


He ATE their wedding cake BEFORE they even cut it.


Before the reception had began. I guess he really just isn’t up to speed on modern weddings. Oh well.



I guess I have to forgive him.



Because today marks our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today it was a gorgeous, clear 78 degrees in Pittsburgh. I squeezed into a dress that, I pray to God, I will be able to fit in for the rest of my life.


Today we are spending our anniversary in Cleveland, Ohio because my youngest brother is on John Carroll University’s homecoming court. Cross your finger’s for the win.



I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve mentioned before how amazing my entire family is, so the addition of my perfect hubby just made it even more amazing. And I think they all agree. Sure, we will have a romatic date, perhaps a weekend away soon, but I like celebrating this day with family – just like we did one year ago.



We had a very traditional, perfect-to-me, wedding. And I did stop and pinch myself a few times that day and remind myself to relish in the moment. I did as best I could. In honor our anniversary, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite pictures from that day – one of the best of my life!

(Note: all photos were taken by the incredibly talented David Burke. If you are in Pittsburgh or need a destination photographer, I’d highly suggest using him. He is fabulous!)


A kiss from my grandma. With Mother Lovett squeezing in the picture on the lower right.












My shoes.


























Mother Lovett with my brothers.














Seconds before going down the aisle.






























The church.



















One of my all-time favorite photos.
















Honky Tonk Ba Donk a Donk.




















Man & Wife.


















Do you think I like pink?















More faves.
































A table with our favor – a donation to the local food bank.
















Our cake – chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, white chocolate icing and white chocolate curls.

















I wanted it to look like someone puked pink all of the room. It did.















The cookie room.












Ok, I’ve heard this is a ‘Pittsburgh thing.’ I have no idea. Does anyone else have cookie tables? I needed a room. Because I’m a pig.







First dance.

















The other man in my life.














Some necessary partying.




















See ya later!


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Happy weekend! It could not get here soon enough.


For about a year now, I have had a strong aversion to meat. It pretty much came out of the blue, but I think it stemmed from that time I lost my mind competition dieting.


It began with chicken. I can’t swallow it if I take it bite. It literally makes me gag. It’s not the taste, but the texture. I actually like the taste. Then a few months ago, I developed an aversion towards beef and fish. I also ate alot of this while competition dieting.


I absolutely CANNOT cook chicken, steak, or fish for myself and want to eat it. The whole process of cooking it grosses me out. If I see one tendon or vein or a bit of gristle…GROSS! I’m done. (Note: I still cook meat everyday for my hubby, friends and family, and some of my recipes are really, very good. Of course I am still going to whore these out detail these on the blog.)


I CAN eat meat out in nice restaurants. (And seriously, how gross is THAT? Then I really don’t know what I’m eating). Only a few bites, however. I don’t order it often, but I will order a filet or some type of seafood. No chicken though. Maybe if it is in a cheesy dip or on pizza, but no chicken for me.


This has nothing to do with how I feel about animals. I don’t even think about the ‘inhumane’ ideas. I just really can’t stand the texture of meat, the veins…ugh I get chills just thinking about it.




 But what do I do when my husband brings home this for dinner?



























I eat it.



Well, some of it, anyways.



This was shocking because we rarely eat this kind of food. Since we have been together I can’t remember one time that we ever went to a fast food restaurant. Plus, I usually cook every night because I LOVE IT.


This wasn’t exactly fast food, per se. It came from Five Guys. We had never eaten there before, and if you are not familar with the place, the burgers have 2 meat patties on them! I was not a fan of the fries – too salty, too much seasoning – I just wasn’t feeling them. I took one meat patty off, because, let’s be honest here, WHO needs 2 meat patties? I guess my husband, because he ended up eating 4. I told you he is hungry.



See, I really can only be a pretend vegetarian. I never claimed to ever even be a vegetarian, but the thought crossed my mind that it was in the near future.



But I have a huge problem. I hate vegetables. As in, really, strongly, horribly, abhor vegetables. I have never, ever liked them.


Salads are ok – with cheese and french fries.


And corn is ok, too. Oh wait…that’s no good.



I promise that I have been TRYING to eat vegetables for over 10 years. Remember, fitness and nutrition are my passion, so I KNOW I should be eating them. I have never been a picky eater, except for my dislike of vegetables.



Now here I am in my 20’s, excluding 2 major food groups. I really don’t like complaining about my dislike of these foods because there are so many people that need food in this world. Some eat clay pies just to survive, and here I am complaining that I don’t like fresh food. I have tried to cook and season vegetables in a multitude of ways.


The thing is, I WANT to like them. I WANT to eat them. But if I prepare them, they go to waste.



So I need your help. Alot of you have already helped with some of the veggie creations on your blogs.


What are your favorite veggies and how do you prepare them? I would prefer to find ways to eat them alone, as opposed to ‘inside foods’  like soup and pasta (I can eat veggies in those).





I need help now. Or else I will just keep eating this. And this. And these.


And some of this.



And alot of this.




And I’d really like a pulled pork sandwhich right now, but I don’t have a picture of that.




Oh, FYI: I will be back with a very non-vegetarian recipe. I am such a hypocrite.

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My husband likes to eat. ALOT.


And when he doesn’t get to eat, he gets very angry. His face should seriously be in the dictionary right next to ‘hangry,’ if it ever makes it into the dictionary.




Not only does he like to eat, but he likes to eat lots of meat. Chicken, steak, pork – you name it. Dare I ever make a dish without meat!



I think he believes that if he doesn’t get 76234 grams of protein in per day, he may lose all 170 solid pounds of muscle that he currently owns. He is a hottie.



Ususally, hungry-angry-husband hits at very inconvienent times. Like on an hour drive to my grandparents house. Or during church, where, let’s face it, he really doesn’t want to be in the first place. Or at the grocery store, while shopping for clothes, or during a 2 hour meeting. At least his co-workers can deal with him there.


The best was when we went to register for wedding gifts. Oh, my. We went to one of the ‘nicer’ malls about an hour away. We I figured that we’d have more of a selection and I didn’t really want to register for things I had never seen before.


So picture this – one hour drive there, in which a protein bar (or 3) has been consumed. We begin registering for china or crystal or something he knows we will never use, and he is as antsy as can be. Shocked? I know.


He begs, ‘Can we please go eat??’


We had registered for literally 7 minutes. I find the sales associate and give her back the gun to use on my husband  scan the items. We find a restaurant, which ends up having a fairly long wait, and he devours his food.



I spend the 4 minutes it took him to scarf down his meal staring at my plain, gross salad, because somewhere in the back of my foolish mind I thought it would be a great idea to do a fitness competition while wedding planning. Brilliant.



I also decide at this time that I would call my grandmother – no, not Mother Lovett – I needed someone who could actually SEE and HEAR – but my other grandmother, who lived only 5 minutes away. I knew this would just be something she would LOVE. And she did. And for the rest of my life I will always remember how much fun we had registering for my gifts – her and I.



Because about 5 minutes after we met her, hungry, angry, husband decides he needs a bottle of water. I’m not sure where he got it, but I think he drove to a fresh spring and bottled it himself because it took him that long.



He came back and excitedly handled the shatter-free glasses I registered for and scanned some inappropriate items as well. But 5 minutes later, hungry-angry-husband reared it’s ugly beautiful head again and he was off to get some ice cream.


He doesn’t even like sweets, so this is where I became suspicious. As often as I deal with him being hungry and angry, I think he was just trying to pull the wool over my eyes so he didn’t have to register. Why wouldn’t he want to register for such nice gifts in our wonderful home?



Lesson learned – make sure my future daughter registers for her wedding gifts with ME, not her own hungry, angry husband.




Below has been my go-to meal the past few weeks for my hungry, angry husband. It was born one afternoon when he was picking some things up at the store and sending me text messages about how hungry he was.


I knew it was about to start. I knew if he made it home before food was on the table, the kitchen would be a danger zone, appearing as though a tornado had ripped through. And in the tornado would not only be food, but miscellaneous items thrown, kicked, and broken in the passion of hunger.


I needed to take charge.



So here is the hungry, angry husband sandwhich. Only takes about 10 minutes. 










The Hungry, Angry Husband Go-To Meal

2 thin-sliced boneless, skinless chicken breasts

seasoned salt

1 whole wheat bun

a few sliced red onions

1/2 oz pepper jack cheese

a dollop of bbq sauce

a dollop of low-fat ranch dressing



Season the chicken breasts with seasoned salt and either grill or pan-fry in non-stick spray. Make sure the chicken breasts are thinly sliced so they only take a few minutes to cook. About 5-6 I’d say. Toast the whole wheat bun.


Layer onions and cheese between 2 chicken breasts and place on whole wheat bun. Top with bbq sauce and ranch.



 Feed to you own hungry, angry husband.IMG_1180









And don’t attempt to get a picture. There is no time for such a ridiculous thing.

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